About Us

Melbourne’s postcode was used as the name to put us on the global map and show to the world where we originated from.

UNITY, PASSION & LIFESTYLE are the words that we live by.

Starting as a motor enthusiast group in 2014, we grew quickly over that period of time, with over 1500 members we have created close ties and spawned many other enthusiast groups since the beginning. Having built some strong foundations with many well known, recognised local and international businesses along the way. Three Triple Zero started out originally as a small group of mates and we have grown into something much more.

We have established a reputation for holding some premier events, from BBQ cruises and Meet & Greets to Track & Dyno Days. Always trying to do things a bit differently, we approach each and every event we hold by striving to be as innovative and family friendly as we can. Our main objective is for our members and future members to have an enjoyable and memorable time.

The team at Three Triple Zero are always looking to be innovative and will keep evolving as we continue to grow, as we strive to have more of an impact in the Car Enthusiast scene and also help to portray that not all Car Enthusiast’s should be classified as Hoon’s. We can be civil, we can fit in and we will all unite as one. In the progress of growing Three Triple Zero now is a place for all motoring enthusiasts alike to have a central hub to see what is going on around Melbourne. From proper sanctioned car meets to track/drag events, this is where they all meet.

Never again will you miss out on a properly sanctioned car event in Melbourne.